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Both power walking and jogging have tremendous health and psychological benefits.  They both improve cardiovascular function, reduce your chances of serious health problems and strengthen your bones and muscles. They both can result in increased self-confidence, more energy and a better self-image.

Power Walk Or Jog

walk it off meHere are a few reasons to consider power walking rather than jogging to get yourself healthy, fit and in great shape.  For starters power walking is something almost anyone can do.  If you can walk, you can have the body you want.

Power walking is much easier on your body’s joints than jogging.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine power walking results in much less damage to your knees, shins, heels, and hips than jogging or stair stepping.

Power Walking The Fat Away

Many people make the mistake of judging power walking vs. jogging solely on calorie burn alone but that does not give a true picture of what is going on.

Even tough jogging burns more overall calories than power walking you’ll burn a higher percentage of calories from fat than glycogen when you power walk. In other words power walking burns a higher percentage of your calories from fat than jogging does because jogging increases the energy deficit in your body to such a high level that it cannot weight for the body to convert fat into fuel for burning, instead it will use glycogen stored in your muscle tissues and in extreme cases cannibalize your muscle tissues themselves for fuel.

Power Walking is also easier to do than jogging and easier to keep doing.  In fact, it can be enjoyable and stress relieving.  So if you’re goals are to lose weight, feel great and get in shape, power walking might be a great choice for you.

Visit Country Power Walk Now

On the other hand, if you are interested in training for a 5k run or marathon then stick to jogging.  It all comes down to what your goals are.  Either way, success begins with the first step.