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Fall Is A Great Time For Walking To Lose Weight

The summer heat is beginning to subside, the crickets and cicadas began their summer concert crescendo and the mornings start with a little edge of crisp. Late August and a perfect time to start walking to lose weight.

Walking Is One Of The Best “How To Lose Weight Programs”

Walking is the worlds most popular form of exercise and one of the best how-to-lose-weight-programs available and yet many people do not know how to lose weight walking. Since the summer heat is about to leave us—in the northern climes at least—it is a great time to begin walking for weight loss and if you do it right, you can lose up to 15 lbs in a month.

You will never lose weight walking is you don’t do it systematically and consistently. Since fall gives us these beautiful fresh crisp days, it makes it ideal to start your serious walking program this fall.

What You Need To Know To Make Walking One Of The Best Weight Loss Programs

First, you need to be consistent that means that you will walk at least 5 times a week.

You will never lose weight walking if you don’t do it systematically

Walking as an “how to lose weight program” needs to be 5 times a week

Studies show that in order to lose weight walking you need to keep to a schedule and not just walk when you feel like it.  The studies further showed that you need to walk at a pace that optimisms weight loss and not just stroll.

In the study, the control group and the experimental group both walked until they had burned 400 calories but the experimental walked at a controlled pace whereas the control group walked at their own pace.  At the end of the study, the experimental study lost over 300% more body fat than the control group.

The Bottom Line

The conclusion is, is that you need to have a walking schedule that covers at least 5 days a week.  3 of those days should be a standard 30 to 40 minute power walk with 2 days should be a boosted power walk lasting 45 to 50 minutes.

The last element for walking to lose weight is have a graduated pace.  You need to up your game as time goes by.  In other words you can’t just stay at the same pace week after week and expect to lose weight.

Pacing your walk

Keeping up a steady pace on your walk can be difficult.  As your mind begins to wander, it is easy to slow down and reduce your calorie burn.  The best way to maintain your pace is to walk to music.  This means you need to create playlists that all have the same tempo.  This can be daunting and then you have the space between songs which can mess with your cadence.


At the left you can see a sample schedule with the graduated tempos.  This is part of our Walk It Off: Country Power Walks which is a done for you wight loss walking program.  You can see all of the details here.  However, you can make your own program to effectively lose weight by scheduling you walks for at least 5 times a week.  Walking at a controlled pace and upping that pace every week or so.  It also helps to make two of your walks longer than the rest.

Whatever you do, just do it for you health.