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You Fast To Lose Weight And Then You Get This Surprise

Fast To Lose Weight And You’ll Get This Amazing Side Effect

Your Body’s Good At Detoxifying Itself But…

detoxifyYes, your body naturally detoxify’s itself. Your liver is designed as a detox center for your body; your lungs, your colon, your kidneys, your lymph glands and your skin all rid your body of toxins, so why is everyone trying to sell you on some type of detox product or procedure?

I once bought a riding mower with a 24 horsepower Kohler engine.  It was designed to cut and mulch.

There was a section of grass in my yard that grew in a low area which stayed pretty wet in the spring.  The grass grew thick and very heavy in it.  I was glad for the large 24 horsepower engine roaring behind me as I approached this section.

The grass spit out the side chute of the mower in a satisfying green stream until I was halfway across the patch.  Then the engine began to strain and the grass stopped flowing and suddenly there was silence.  The grass was too thick and wet for the mower to handle.

The Solution

Why am I telling you this?  Because that is the way it is with our bodies.  They are designed to eliminate toxins from the natural diet, but modern westerners do not eat natural diets.  We eat 51% of our diets from processed food which is low in nutrients and high in toxins.

Foods with toxins are flowing into our bodies so fast that the body stores a lot of it as fat and the toxins get stored along with the food.

What do you do with the toxins stored in your body? Well, a surprise side effect of fasting to lose weight is that it also detoxifies your body by causing it to burn stored fat.  Technically, it still is your body doing the detoxifying.  Fasting is merely causing the body to turn its attention to your stored fat.

When you fast, your body burns up all of the glucose stored in your muscles.  Once the glucose is burned, since you are not eating and producing more glucose, your body turns to its stored fat and starts burning that.  As this stored fat burns, the toxins stored in it are released and your liver, lungs, skin, and other organs do their job getting rid of them.

When we eat a modern processed diet we consume a lot of toxins which get stored in our body fat.  While it is true that our body naturally detoxifies itself, but it can’t deal with the toxins in your body’s fat.

Fasting causes your body to burn its stored fat, releasing these toxins to be dealt with by the body’s natural processes.  So fasting to lose weight also has the amazing side effect of detoxifying your body also.