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Are you getting results from your walking?  I mean real results?

Country Power Walk  is a scientifically designed audio power 12-week walking program that can change your life. Based on two university studies, Walk It Off Country Power Walk with its Quick Start Guide and 12 week Walking Guide will help you get rid of your old flabby self once and for all.

Throw out your fat clothes, feel the increased energy and surging confidence of no longer being over-weight.


  • Scientifically Paced Power Walks: The results of a University of Virginia walking study revealed that when two groups burned 400 calories walking, individuals who walked at a controlled pace burned 300% more body fat than those individuals who did not.
  • Legal Scientific Performance Enhancement: An Ohio State University study researched the effects of music on walking and discovered that those people who listened to music while they walked outperformed their counterparts by 24% leading one researcher to call it “an athletes legal performance enhancing drug”.
  • After Burn Effect: The boosted country power walks increase the body’s after burn effect which means you will continue burning calories hours after your power walk is finished.
  • Walk It Off Power Walk Quick Start Guide: Included in your package is our Quick Start Guide which gets you started and guides you through a 12 week body make over using power walks and nutrition.
  • No Gym Necessary: Walk It Off Power Walks eliminate the need for expensive gym fees and the time wasted sitting in traffic, driving to and from the gym.

What’s Included?

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The complete set of 24 Walk It Off Country Power Walks. This includes sets 120, 130, 140 and 150. Each set has  3 standard power walks lasting from 36 to 40 minutes with warm up, cool down voice prompts, and a controlled pace throughout the power walk. Each set also contains 3 boosted versions of the power walks which add 3 boosted sections to the regular power walks at a faster pace. These boosted power walks last from 45 to 50 minutes.
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The Walk It Off Quick Start Guide and the Walk It Off 12-week walking schedule are also included to get you started and help keep you on track for optimal weight loss and health benefits..

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