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Fit looking people are


  • viewed as more intelligent
  • seen as more persuasive
  • perceived as more likable
  • thought of as more trustworthy


2 University Studies Surprising Results

The will change the way you walk and lose weight

walk it off power walkLose up to

  • 300% more belly fat
  • 400% more thigh fat
  • 200% more overall body fat.

This is not just music to walk to! THIS is a comprehensive, Scientific 12 Week walking program—designed in two 6 week phases—that will bring you RESULTS. Keep reading and I will reveal why you are not getting the results you want and how you CAN get the results you desire. I will also show you why you need a fitness program that produces results and what is happening inside your body when you are not getting the exercise you need. AND I will show you how it can be fun and pretty easy.

3 Reasons To Avoid NOT Power Walking

When your body does not get the proper level of exercise, several things began to happen inside of your body and to your body…

Reason #1: You will look fit and trim

Some people seem to think that concentrating on how you look is a shallow reason to get out and exercise, but the truth is, it is probably the number one reason most people exercise and it isn’t as shallow as you think.

Looking fit and trim has an impact on how you feel about yourself and your overall confidence level. It is a well established fact that, all things being equal, fit looking people have an advantage over people who look overweight and/or unhealthy in almost every aspect of their lives. When you look fit and trim, you carry yourself differently and you approach people differently and this translates to better relationships both personally and professionally.


Sadly, an inescapable fact is that looking overweight makes other people assume you are lazy, unmotivated and slovenly even though this is probably far from the truth. When you look fit and trim, you enjoy a higher level of respect from others in general.


In a minute I will show you how to power walk to lose thigh fat, belly fat and overall body fat to look fit and trim but first, on to reason #2.

Reason #2: Fantastic Psychological Benefits


You get IMMEDIATE psychological effects from power walking the correct way. Power walking the way I am about to show you will cause your body to release a hormones called endorphins. Endorphins attach little receptors to the surface of your brain that block pain and produce feelings of euphoria. In simple terms, starting with your first power walk, you will begin to feel great because of the endorphins.


When you power walk the way I am going to show you, you will experience increased IQ and overall cognitive function(ability to think straight). Why this will happen to you, research has not pin pointed exactly, but if I were a betting man, I’d bet that it has to do with increased circulation and oxygen flow that correct power walking brings you.


Other psychological benefits of power walking the way I am going to show you include…

  • birth of new brain cells
  • increase in brain plasticity
  • increased feelings of attractiveness
  • feeling of genuine achievement
  • And much more.

Keep Reading To Learn How To Get Amazing Results For Your Power Walks

Reason #3: Your heart, lungs and blood vessels will become healthy and disease resistant


Your body uses the “use it or lose it” rule and if you do not use a muscle, it will lose it ability to function properly. Your heart is one giant muscle and when you power walk properly, you will strengthen this muscle. This means your heart will pump blood more efficiently which will, in turn, keep your blood vessels pliable and healthy.

Once you are a full grown adult, your bbonesmallones and muscles will not grow unless they are stressed.  Power Walking stimulates growth in your bones and muscles.

Did You Know

For every extra pound of fat you have, you apply 4 more pounds of pressure on your knees!

Because you will be drawing in more oxygen, your lungs will increase their processing ability and pump more rich, life-giving oxygen into your blood stream which will boost your immune system. This makes for a strong, disease resistant circulatory system.

3 Reasons To Use Walk It Off Power Walks


Walk it off power walks utilize the conclusions of 2 university studies that focused how to power walk for the best results and we used these conclusions to create Country Power Walk.

Reason #1: It gets results


Is your fitness program effective? Are you getting the results you want? The reasons you are not getting the results you want is because you are not challenging your body enough for it to respond.


Your body is satisfied that it has everything under control, doing everything it needs to do to maintain balanced systems. Scientists call this homeostasis and your body is programmed always try to achieve it.


Change your body’s conditions and you unbalance your systems. Your body will then respond in order to achieve homeostasis again. In other words, if you start using more energy than your body is accustomed to you using, it will respond by looking for energy to cover that debt so it can be back in homeostasis and it will use your fat to cover that debt if you know how to power walk properly.


If you start using your muscles more than you have before, your body will grow new muscle to balance things out. Likewise, if you start stressing your bones and ligaments by power walking, your body will add new tissue to your bones and ligaments to strengthen them.


Understanding homeostasis gives us the leverage to change our bodies. Walk It Off Power Walk progressively changes the conditions surrounding your body causing it to respond and adapt into the fit and trim body you have always wanted.

Reason #2: It is fun


Walk It Off Country Power Walk took a year to make and test. It is filled with great tracks that were all created, recorded and produced specifically to fulfill the scientific research done on power walking by the University of Ohio and the University of Virginia. Only the best studio musicians were used in creating these enjoyable tracks that echo a walk in the country.


Filled with every type of music from country to the blues, you will have fun walking to the beat that has been precisely calculated for maximum results. Follow the 12-week course and you will take your body through progressive changes that will bring real results while you enjoy your time outdoors in the fresh air. Power walking to our walking tracks reduces fatigue and feelings of tiredness associated with exercise.

Reason #3: It’s easy to do


The number one reason most people give up on a fitness program is because they start too aggressively. The number two reason is that they get bored. A Walk It Off Power Walk is neither too aggressive nor boring. You start off with a brisk walk each morning, enjoying being outdoors and listening to interesting music. Your endorphins begin to flow, you begin to feel that euphoria and life is good.


There is no hoping up and down in your living room trying to keep your eyes on the TV while listening to the same banter from your host that you have heard for the umpteenth time. There is no grunting to lift that weight for the 12th rep, knowing your have 3 more sets to go before you do your 4 other sets of 12 reps on your upper body—sigh!

Just put your earphones or buds in, hit the button and enjoy.  The 12 week course will guide you through progressively challenging levels that will cause your body to lose fat, gain muscle and agility because of its programming to always achieve homeostasis.

What come with Walk It Off Country Power Walk


Walk It Off Country Power Walk consists of a Quick Start guide and an optional Walking and Nutrition guide.


Each of the Country Power Walks last between 36 to 46 minutes with original music recorded produced and arranged in a scientifically optimized format for maximum calorie burn and after burn.


When you place your order, you will receive instant access to the product.  Each set of Power Walks will download in .zip format which can be unzipped with the free utility 7-zip.  Once unzipped into the directory of your choice, the Power Walks will be in .mp3 format ready to load into your favorite player.  The guides are in .pdf format and read on your computer with Adobe’s free reader.




Country Power Walk has 3 different purchase options. You can purchase the Country Power Walk beginner/intermediate bundle or the advanced bundle or the complete set.


  • 12 Power Walks
    six 120’s and six 130’s
  • Walking Schedule
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Walking & Nutrition Guide

Each Power Walk, the equivalent of a music CD, normally sells for $12 that’s…

Power Walks 12 X $12 = $144
Quick Start Guide $9
Walking & Nutrition Guide + $17



The total value of this package is $170

but that isn’t what your going to pay today!


With discount automatically applied at checkout your price, today, is…cooltext131232294362643


 How To Power Walk

Ok, as I promised.  Here is the secret to unlocking your body’s power to normalize it weight to a healthy level and gain a healthy trim appearance by power walking.  Most walking programs fall short because they fail to challenge the body’s current level of homeostasis.  Even people who try to walk briskly each morning fail to understand that they must continually challenge their bodies at new levels if they want to progress.

Below is a video I made that outlines two University Studies and how they reveal EXACTLY what to do in order to lose up to 15 pounds in 30 days Power Walking.